Elopements usually involve just yourselves, an officiant (if desired) and maybe a guest or two, but the focus will always be on you and your partner. Choose your ceremony location, and afterward, celebrate in whatever way your hearts desire.

04 How do your travel arrangements work for elopements and destination weddings?

01 When will I receive my images, how will I receive my images and how many will I receive?

Delivery times will depend on the nature of your session. Portraits and Couples sessions can take 1-2 weeks, while Elopements and Intimate Weddings can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks depending on the season. I will be sure to provide you with an approximate timeline upon booking.

When your images are ready, they will be delivered to you via a digital gallery where you can download and share them with family and friends.

You will receive 50+ images for Couples sessions, and 350+ images for Elopements and Intimate Weddings. Portraits and Branding sessions will depend on the nature of our time together. All of your images will include printing rights.

If your Elopement or destination wedding requires me to travel to you, I will factor the cost of my transportation and accommodation into the total package fees so you know what you'll be paying for ahead of time. We will work together to find an economical solution that works for your budget. There are no hidden fees here!

05 Ok, but what if I'm super awkward in front of the camera?

Would you believe me if I told you that everyone, and I mean everyone feels this way? Not once have I started a session without hearing those words. But rest easy, because it's my job to ensure that you're relaxed and feeling yourself. I'll provide you with prompts (where needed), distractions and even a few laughs. You'll be surprised by how natural it feels, and yes, I will tell you where to put your hands.

02 We've never done this before, can you help us plan? (for lovers)

06 Ok, but why is wedding photography so costly?

My work for you begins the moment we meet. Preparation for your day isn't just a matter of packing up my gear and heading out the door. It's the pre-wedding texts, Instagram-inspo shares and the countless email exchanges that contribute to our new relationship.

Then, there's the travel time, the hours we spend together making magic and then the days I spend at the computer culling, editing and curating your gallery. I don't just show up, I SHOW UP. I'm your seamstress, your time-keeper and your hype-woman.

You bet! We can plan as little or as much together as you like. If you need help figuring out the flow of your day, or if you'd like me to scope out a fun ceremony location, I'm happy to be a part of it all.

03 Can you recommend a trusted videographer?

I'd be happy to! I work with a number of videographers in Toronto and around the GTA and would be thrilled to arrange an introduction on your behalf.

Find your location

Once you've figured out where you want to tie the knot, make sure you do your research to confirm if you require a permit or other arrangement.

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"Natalie is able to capture the most special, genuine and loving moments in an authentic way. Not only is Natalie extremely talented, she goes above and beyond for her clients. Natalie’s warm and easygoing personality helps you feel at ease and comfortable while in front of the camera as well makes for some great company!"

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