Adventure Engagement in Algonquin Park | Maddy & Dave

Maddy and Dave opted for an adventure engagement session in Algonquin Provincial Park to catch some of the last of the seasons’ colours. We met at the trailhead of Bat Lake near the West Gates of Algonquin Provincial Park over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend. The weather was cool that day, but the surrounding forest offered us warmth and even a bit of humidity. When we got deeper down the trail, the forest acted like a warm blanket and the tree-lined forest floor like a carpet.

Fun fact: I’ve known Maddy since she was a baby! We spent most of our childhoods together in and around the Algonquin Park area. So it only made sense for us to meet in such a meaningful location to capture these photos for her and Dave. When she reached out to me about booking their engagement session, we agreed that an adventure engagement was the perfect fit for this outdoor-loving couple.

What’s an adventure engagement?

I’m glad you asked! Adventure engagements (or sessions) can be described as a shoot with your person, with very little planning but a lot of open mindedness. It usually involves getting outside (but doesn’t have to) and doing a fun activity together. This could look like a hike on your favourite trail, a swim in your local lake or even a bar hop! In all cases, we go with the flow, take it easy and let the day unfold however you desire.

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