Hi , I'm Natalie
and I do things a little differently

Annie Leibovitz was quoted to have said, “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”⁣

When I read this, I laughed. I didn’t laugh because I thought the statement was silly, I laughed because for so long, I couldn’t put my finger on that feeling I felt standing across from another person, with my camera, asking for something real.

This is not to say that I fall in love in the romantic sense, but rather, there is a brief moment during those first few shots when I have nothing but love for this person who chose me. That love is rooted in the kind of vulnerability that allows two strangers to come together and capture distinctly human qualities in a photograph.

If you give me the opportunity, I can show you just how telling a smile is, and what kind of truth lays behind the eyes.

I want that real sh*t.

My approach is dictated by you because everyone has a different story to tell. More than anything, I want you to feel comfortable in front of my lens. When you’re feeling good, I get the most authentic version of you.